Salon Recycling that doesn't cost the earth

Why use HANDLE?

  • London collections from £3 per bag
  • UK wide collections £25 per box
  • Salon recyclables and hair accepted
  • Client returns program available


    What are you looking to recycle?

    Our Misson

    Our Misson

    Our aim is to intercept beauty packaging from re-entering the environment as land, sea or air pollution.

    We want to make recycling affordable and simple in order to allow salons to take action and join the mission.

    Being kind to our planet, doesn’t need to cost the earth

    How it works

    If you have a salon or haircare brand and want to ensure that your packaging waste is repu`rposed to protect the environment, rather than pollute it, here’s what you can do to help.

    • We Collect
      We provide affordable collection plans that allow you to select the amount and frequency that you wish to return. Packages start from as little as 1 bag per month!
    • We Recycle
      We hand sort the salon waste into its correct material streams, which allows us to find the best solution for its end of life.
    • We Repurpose
      We wash, shred, and granulate plastics so that they can be made into plastic pellets.
    • We Make
      We make our own range of Beauty products, which can be sold at wholesale prices to your salon. What polymers we don’t use are sent to manufacturers of new hair care packaging so as to keep these materials circular to beauty wherever possible.
    Our Misson

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